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onsdag 10 februari 2016

What´s on Your Workdesk Wednesday - WOYWW 349

Välkommen in i mitt hobbyrum.

Jag tänkte visa en tavla som jag har påbörjat precis.
Bakgrunden har min dotter målat då hon var här  
och jag har börjat planera hur jag ska slutföra den.

Det är vårt gemensamma projekt och vi ska hänga tavlan
hos henne när den är klar.

Det känns jättekul att få göra en Mixed Media Art tavla
tillsammans med Mikaela.

LO - To create something each day in 365 days...

Layouten jag gjorde för detta år om att skapa 
något litet varje dag detta år har jag hängt upp på ett snöre
i mitt Kreativa Lilla Paradis...

Detta är ett sätt för mig att läka.
"Art keeps you in your sanity" som det heter.

På svenska "Konst håller dig vid dina sinnens fulla bruk".

Dessa ska bli layouter på min älskade katt Sally som jag saknar så...

Tack för Er som tittar in hos mig.
Jag ser fram mot att få kolla in vad Ni håller på med också.

Här är länken 
till alla andra deltagare denna onsdag:

Ha en underbar dag!

Kram Sussie

24 kommentarer:

peggy aplSEEDS sa...

Thank you for visiting me! How wonderful to make a painting together with your daughter. It is already looking very striking. You are both so creative! Aww, I'm sorry that you are missing your cat. I also have a beloved cat. His name is Oreo.
Happy WOYWW!

Neet sa...

How lovely to o a joint project with your daughter. I would love to undertake something like this but am nt sure I could find a friend on the same wave length as me to do it with.
Lovely photos - I especially like the quote at the end,
Thanks for visiting earlier - Hugs, Neet 1 xx

Helen sa...

thanks for already visiting; I love your project; how lovely to be doing it with your daughter. Helen #4

Lunch Lady Jan sa...

Hello! I enjoyed my first visit to your desk, especially that lovely painting made by you and your daughter! Also your cat layout, I love cats too and know what it's like when they leave us...
Hugs, LLJ 13 xx

Lynn Holland sa...

Working on a project with your daughter must be so nice. Thanks for showing it to us.
I am in a craft group with my mum. The group meets once a month and have been together for 22 years
Have a good week
Lynn 12

Nikki C sa...

Joint painting with your daughter sounds like a lot of fun. It's looking great so far looking forward to seeing the final product hugs Nikki 11

butterfliecrafter sa...

Great to be able to do arts together with your daughter, the painting is looking great already. Vicky#19 sa...

Beautiful pieces and I love your space. Thanks for sharing! Glenda #31

SusanLotus sa...

Thank you for hopping by
to see my desk!

Now time for me to start looking
around to see all your beautiful work!

Have a fun day!

Sharon sa...

I love the painting you've done with your daughter. How lucky you are that you can work on it together.

Have a great week
Sharon K #44

SusanLotus sa...

Thank you Sharon!

It´s over first project together. And I´m so happy for this.
We have ben painting together before though
but on separate paintings. :)

Best wishes

Bubbles sa...

How wonderful to start a joint project with your daughter! This must mean the finished item will be very special to both of you.
Have a wonderful Wednesday
Bubbles #33

SusanLotus sa...

Thank you all for your visits!

I´m very happy that she wanted to do this with me.

Have a great week!

Jackie Mackay sa...

How lovely to get to do a joint project with your daughter - never going to happen with my 2. I'm interested in what you will do with the cat layouts it is so sad to lose you beloved pet - I have to make do with a few hugs from the neighbours cat now. Have a good week x Jackie 28

Julia Dunnit sa...

That is such a nice thing to do together, and already looking fascinating as you start to add your style. Love your string of projects, nice to see the stuff you're doing as decoration in your own happy space. Couldn't agree more about that either, a bit of creativity each day is soon good for the soul.

trisha too sa...

Sussie! So glad to see you WOYWWing, my bloggy friend! Your collaboration with your daughter, that is wonderful, such a bright and fun piece so far.

And we all need art therapy once in a while, it really DOES keep us in our right minds!

Lycklig Vad finns på din Workdesk till dig !
#49 this week
with mixed media mess

SusanLotus sa...

Thank you Jackie, Julia and Trisha!

I love this WOYWW. Hope we meet there next week again!

Have a great week!

505whimsygirl sa...

What a great idea - to have a piece of art created by you and your daughter. Please show it to us when you are finished.

Happy belated WOYWW
Peace, Kay (50)

SusanLotus sa...

Thanks to everyone who visited my blog. I´ll continue my bloghopping during this weekend and make a visit on your blogs too.

Happy weekend to you!
Take care!

Angela Radford sa...

Hi Susan, thanks for the visit to mine. It's great to have someone to share your crafting with. I have a friend who lives in Ireland though we have never met, we make Masterboards and swap them which is lovely and you never know what will arrive. Have a great weekend and happy crafting, Angela x 25

SusanLotus sa...

That sounds like a great surprise and a fun idea.
Snail-mail is the best mail I think. :)
Have a nice crafty week!

Shoshi sa...

The painting you are doing with your daughter already looks stunning, and I hpe you will share it with us when it's finished. So sorry about your beautiful kitty. We have 2 and know exactly how you feel.

Thank you for visiting my blog and the nice comment you made. So glad you like what I am doing. I've been enjoying using the cat stamp. I am very busy at the moment and having to find time to rest!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #20

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA sa...

I LOVE the cooperative painting that your daughters and you are working on. That is bound to be a very special family heirloom for generations to come. Thank you for the visit and Blessings!

SusanLotus sa...

Thank you Shoshi and Arnoldo for your visit on my page.
And for your kind words. :)

Best wishes and blessings for the week to come to you too.