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tisdag 18 oktober 2011

Två nya ATC´s!

Två nya ATC´s med Frankrike-tema.
Klicka på bilderna för att se dem i större format.

Ha en fortsatt trevlig kväll!
Ett längre inlägg kommer förhoppningsvis imorgon.


12 kommentarer:

snojbi sa...

Mmmm tjusiga

SusanLotus sa...

Tack Snojbi! :)

Cheryl sa...

Great ATC's! I love the vintage images you used.

Jenny sa...

These are beautiful Susan... lovely ATC's....

Jenny x

SusanLotus sa...

Thank you Cheryl and Jenny! :)
Can you imagine if we were hats like that!? I´d love it so I think I am bord in the wrong time.

Have a great day!

Sue sa...

Aww I love these Sussie!! What fab vintage images and love the stamps too! Gorgeous!
Hugs Sue xx

xxxtglxxx sa...

Lovely ATC's and I really like the vintage images and fresh feel!



SusanLotus sa...

Thanks Ladies! :)

Caroline sa...

Great ATC's! I love the vintage lady's and I adore hats :) It's so much colder here now so I could do with a warm hat :)

SusanLotus sa...

Thank you!
It would be great if we could were hats like that without being "nuts"! ;)

Sue sa...

Ooh yes would be fab to wear a hat like that!!! and yes people would probably think I was mad - but I wouldn't care LOL!!
Hope you are well Sussie
Have a good weekend! ;-)
Hugs Sue xx

SusanLotus sa...

Sounds great! To not care I mean ;)
My weekend is just fine. I´ll blog later tonight. Hope your weekend is great too! Hugs!