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lördag 19 februari 2011


Now, it´s time to make the announcement of the
WINNERS of my OWOH 2011 prize´s!

But first I want to thank everyone who did visit my blog and
left so many kind comments for me!
I will visit all your blogs to see all inspiring arts and crafts
that you are creating!

The winners are randomly selected.

Now the winner of my 2nd prize, the two white ATC´s!

And now time for...

the WINNER of my 1st prize, the three lime/green ATC´s!

Congratulations to both of you!
I will contact you and ask for your addresses. If I didn´t
here from you before monday evening I will have to
select new winners, so I hope to hear from you very soon!

I wish you alla joyful, relaxing and perhaps creative weekend!

6 kommentarer:

Dymphie sa...

owww how wonderful! thank you so much!

Sussie sa...

You´re welcome! ;)
Don´t forget to send me your address!

Annie sa...

Hi Sussie,
How wonderful, I am so excited and look forward to receiving your beautiful ATC's Cards.

Sussie sa...

Hi Annie! I´m happy that you are happy ...LOL
Sending you the ATC´s today.
Have a nice day!

Marit sa...

Gratulerer til de heldige som vant ATC kortene.
Jeg er nå ferdig med 2 kort, så om litt vil 3 kort dukke opp i postkassen din.
Håper alt går bra med din datter.
Ha en fin dag. :)

Sussie sa...

Hej Marit!
Roligt att du hörde av Dig! :)
Jag har just kommit igång med pysslandet igen och ska publicera en liten mini-bok ikväll som jag gjort åt min dotter. Tittade nyss i kuvertet jag fick av Dig också, så jag ska också sätta igång med mina kort till Dig... Kul att byta! Ha det bra ikväll! :)